Finlay has Cushings !!!

Don’t I just look sooooo cute!

Is there no end to the bad news? What with the loss of our own beloved Gus, but Kenzie, Kyla’s best buddy seems to be quite ill as well, we now get told that Finlay has got Cushings.

Thank dog-ness that we’ve changed Vets. Our new one’s are brilliant, we cannot praise them enough. The original vets had been concentrating on Finlay’s liver for the last 6-8 months. We move to a new Vet and within days get a new diagnosis and treatment to help.

We’ve been given the usual Vetoryl medication and he’s to go back in 10 days time for another blood test to determine the right dosage …..

If there’s a “Dog God” up there, please STOP all this suffering and anguish ….. NOW!

12 thoughts on “Finlay has Cushings !!!

    1. Oh Dougall! thanks for that little ray of hope …. She’s feeling much better now, and hopefully Fin will be when he starts taking his meds tomorrow morning. Thanks again

      RoOOoo Bob & Fin


  1. Why take meds for Cushings’ disease. The solution is so obvious-Cushings is having the adrenal glands produce too much hormone. I have Addision’s disease where the hormone isn’t produced in sufficient quantity to sustain life. My meds for the Addision’s are over 2 bucks per day and forever increasing,an injection every 25 days). I don’t know what Fin has to pay for the meds. Isn’t it easier if you just send me some of your excess and neither of us have to take meds? Life would be so much simpler if Scotties ruled the world. Please keep me informed about Fin, the meds and the cost.


  2. my peep had cushings and had to have surgery on her noggin (twice) to make it go away. we don’t know too much about doggie cushings, but have heard that the meds really help. we hope finlay feels real good, real soon!
    edgar & his mum


      1. How did Fin’s test go?
        They have moved Angus’ up until tomorrow 7-24.. So We will know before the weekend, I think Dogtor G. is going on holiday as well


        1. Blood results were MUCH better, as they’d been through the roof. However, vetoryl increased to 40mg per day just to see if we can get blood down to a more acceptable level. Back on 3rd August for another ACTH Stim test (Vet confident that the level will drop) Let us know how you get on tomorrow, please


      2. Will let you know, Angus has been taking 10mg twice a day Morning and Supper.
        We seem to be getting a pick up in energy , But it has been horribly hot; He still will not eat unless you “put the food in his mouth”. Kinda like spoon feeding but at least it is not force feeding.
        Dr G. is worried about the not eating..He was not eating before the Vetoryl either.


  3. Sorry I typed in correctly Angus goes back on Friday 7-27.
    Se seemed to be picking up some energy last evening, went for a walk around the block.He even ate a bit better, he has lost weight even before starting the medicine.


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