Tribute to Finlay

I was going to put together a Tribute to my brother Finlay, to surprise Mama. But I too am distraught with his crossing the Rainbow Bridge and didn’t know where or how to begin. Little did I realise that my Facebook buddy Ruffles de Scottie has taken away my anguish and has very kindly and thoughtfully put together this very moving video.

Mama said she would cherish this for the rest of her life.

Heartfelt thanks to Ruffles de Scottie, Munchkin de Scottie and their human staff for this beautiful tribute to Fin-Fin

14 thoughts on “Tribute to Finlay

  1. When the road is hard it is a blessing to have friends who do such great deeds of kindness. Wonderful video.
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. I am overwhelmed by the friendship of the blogville community. The friends that I’ve made, well, you are all amazing. It has helped Mama get through some very bad days. Thank you Sweet William The Scot for your very kind words.


    1. Hey you! You’re not going anywhere fast lady – you just stay put! Fin will take care of Kenzie. You’ve got your work cut out for you training up Kaci – now, that’ll take years to get her to your standard, so stop talking nonsense!


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