It’s NOT fair … is it?

Mama said I’ve GOT TO start included Fabi in my postings, and to sometimes let her “speak”. Apparently Mama hasn’t got the time to continue developing Fabi’s own bloggie, so she MUST share mine. This is so not fair.

So, the picture below will eventually be our new gravatar/avatar thingy, and I’ll find a nice picture of her as well, eventually. In fact, it might end up being to my advantage as I can take a back seat role and just enjoy watching her do some of the work!

both of us

17 thoughts on “It’s NOT fair … is it?

  1. You do look really lovely together and as you say, get her to do some of the work and you can take it easy. If she misbehaves threaten her with a showing at Crufts and while she’s busy blogging, check out her food bowl for what’s she’s left. (A cunning plan ?)


  2. What’s impawtant in this situation is to lay down the rules…what your areas of speciality and knowledge are, what days you’d like off and most impawtantly that you are the Alpha Blog Dog. That is what I did with Sammy and I think it’s working out pretty well.

    Wally & Sammy


  3. When you get writer’s block (we all do occasionally), let her post. Be warned, she’s female and once she gets going, there’s no shutting her up.


    1. Speedy you’re so correct – I’d reminded myself of that earlier – So I shouldn’t grumble, just got used to being “an only child” for the last 6 months – gotta get used to this intruder, and soon!


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