Flashback Friday

Roughley 2000

The Four Girls (including Mama of course) on the hillside at our favourite holiday home The Roughley, in the Scottish Borders. This was probably taken in about 2000, or just before – so there’s no sign of me at all! Boo Hoo! Nevermind, I’m happy to feature elsewhere.

Can you see how well dressed Mama is? She’s certainly making sure the typical Scottish weather isn’t affecting her joy at having to take Agi, Izzy and Kelpie out for a walk for the hillside. This is the same hillside I walked up in July 2013 and I think Mama said she remembered this spot – yeah, she can’t even remember what she had for breakfast each morning!!!

14 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    1. It’s Mama’s memory really – but I get to choose the photos and she tells me the stories behind them. It’s so nice that I get to go back to the places that my doggie mama, sister and aunt went to. I can see why they all enjoyed it so much.


    1. That’s an interesting question, one I shall personally look into. However, my offering for the moment is; “handful”. And the reason why? Well, when there was 5 of us walking our village footpaths, each person we met, 9 times out of 10 said “wow, they must be a handful!” So ‘Handful’ it is for the moment.


  1. Great photo! You all look so happy…well, I can’t see your mom’s face but the rest of you look happy. I guess it can get pretty cold there in Scotland…seeing your mom is all bundled up like an eskimo! BOL
    Happy Friday.


  2. OK, needs to know, just how many Scotties has Mama had? and which one was which. The cutie with the short ears looks like Bites half brother Mickey “Wild Man”

    The Mad Scots


  3. We have that short term memory problem here, too.

    As Billy Connolly says, there’s not such thing as bad weather….just bad wardrobes. So you’re mum looks like she’s rugged up and ready.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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