Thirsty Thursday

Well …. this was some years back and could possibly be a contender in our “Flash Back Friday” series of photos. But as it does contain an element of liquid it really does sit more comfortably within the “Thirsty Thursday” category.

One bad and frightening thing from this photo that you don’t see, is that some parts of the beach are so “mushy” that your feet sink up to your ankles, or in the case of Mama, she sank much further! She was not happy. She was also sooooo very worried that we’d sink ourselves.

So if you are ever on the beach at Formby, looking at the architecture of Anthony Gormley figures, do be very careful, the sand is like quicksand!



10 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

    1. That, my dear friends, is a iron-clad sculpture of a real person – Anthony Gormley, himself – and there are loads of them on the beach at Formby. When the tide comes in, it covers them and for a while you can see them slowly being covered over – weird if you asked me.

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  1. Bow-Wowsers and Arrroooooo! Dat’s kinda scary rising up from da beach! We is frightened! Mum is amazed and is going to Google Formbey and Anthony Gormley cuz she does not even know where dat is(?)!
    We are glad dat no Scotties were trapped in da mushy beach!
    Thank you for da “enlightening” post!
    Licky kisses,
    Riley-Puppy, Tessie-Girl and Mum

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    1. Arrrroooooo there! Just want to tell you that mum was on Google and found out that Formy Beach is in England! We did not know that Sparhawk Scotties is in England!!! We is now enlightened! We LOVE England! We live in California, but we are Anglophiles! You are lucky to live in England!
      XOXOXOXO to our Brit, friends Sparhawk Scotties!!
      Riley-Puppy, Tessie-Girl and Mum


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