Upside Down Sleeping

Mmmm ….. Not sure this really is a comfy position to sleep in, but it must have been, because I really am asleep! Not now of course, but when this photo was taken I most certainly was.

Does anyone else have funny sleeping positions you’d care to share?Upside down sleeping

20 thoughts on “Upside Down Sleeping

  1. Taylor, wow, you are quite the contortionist! Awesome balance. Mama and I are generally asleep at the same time, but if she catches me dozing off in an interesting position, I have asked her to take a snap….not sure I can pull off what you can do….your neck doesn’t hurt?

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  2. We suggest the following caption for that adorable picture: ” I just know I hid a great bone here in the couch cushions recently…give me another minute and… I am sure… I can sniff it… out….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    McDuff & Mom

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