Finlay : 14th February 2003 – 21st May 2013,

Rest in Peace you sweet little man ….

Here’s Finlay’s story ….


Yap! I’m Finlay. Born 14th February 2003. Litter of 4 boys. Same litter as Bobby. Izzy was our real mama (her proper name was Little Miss Tittle-Tattle of Sparhawk). She was a brilliant mama. Forever wanting to clean us! Was really funny when Gus came back to live with us – he was having none of that! His “bits” were just that – his bits and that’s the way he kept it! But we young ‘uns, just like the two-legged boyfolk, let our Mama’s keep us clean.

I ended up in the Show Ring, just like Bobby. And I qualified for Crufts. She let me attend, even though She didn’t like it – and I concur wholeheartedly. I struggled to pee/poo in the sawdust pit and ended up hanging on to it for the whole day. We trotted around the Show Ring at about 9am but was not allowed to leave until 4pm!!!! Sooooo not fun. I would have refused to go again – but She came to her senses.

So I retired gracefully from the show ring after about 18 months. But I didn’t need anything after that, because I’m just soooooo cute, and very good to Her. I might grumble at approaching dogs, but that’s only because Bobby has “started me off”. I’m a gentleman.

I’m also very sensitive. Don’t like ANYONE laughing AT me, otherwise I sulk! For hours! Just turn my back on Everyone.

Unfortunately I’ve had to have “that operation” in 2009 and ever since then I’ve become a “lap dog”. Can you believe that – a Scottie being a lap dog – but I love it. I get to sit with Her all night, either on her lap, draped  across Her, or just sitting on the settee with Her. I’ve been like this since “the op”. Before that I preferred the floor/carpet/own bed. Now I’m a new man and much better for it.

I just absolutely adore travelling in our Motorhome (Lady Doris). I get to sit upfront, sometimes navigating, sometimes making sure He does the right thing, sometimes I go to sleep ‘cos They’ve got it under control. Bobby’s very wary of the travelling bit – he’ll hide in the darkest corner until we’ve arrived – then he’s just ……  Bobby! Gus is like me, although he’s happy to stay in the back, chilled out. He’s probably guarding the food!

I love our daily walks, although there are certain walks I prefer over some of the others. I make this obvious to Her by not keeping up, just standing still until She turns around to see where I am. Then I make her call me, lots of time, before running up to her with my tail wagging. I also don’t like my photo being taken so much – you’ll have guessed this because I mostly have my ears down or tucked away and no amount of soft, sweet talking by Her or Him will get me to lift them up, so I often look like a Scottie without ears!

You’ll get a gist of our characters as you paw your way through our blog.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you soon.

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