Gus, 12th February 1999 – 4th July 2012

Rest in peace, our gentle giant


Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!

Yap! You’ve got it – I’m Gus. Born on 12th February 1999, in a little of 4 (two boys, two girls). They kept one girl and called her Kelpie and I went to live with Her Mama & Papa, just around the corner! We saw each other nearly every day, so when I unfortunately had to move back to look after Them after my own peeps passed on, it wasn’t such a bad thing, really.

Only thing was, They (my now new Mama/Papa, known as Her, She, He, Him & They & Them) thought I was faaaaar too fat and so gradually reduced my food to get me slimmer. I’ve been looking after Them for 4 years now, and I’m much slimmer. However, They still call me a “Food Monster” or “Kitchen Assistant” ‘cos I’m always at Her feet in the kitchen. You can snaffle a lot of extra stuff that way and I highly recommend it. Hence the chicken bone last week!

I love going on walks. At first it was hard ‘cos I wasn’t used to walking for so long. My first peeps only took me for walks around the village. OK it was 5 times a day, but the walks were very short. Now my new peeps – they like to go on lots of rambling walks. I’ve got used to these walks now they are FAB-U-LOUS walks! I love to sniff. Boy do I love to sniff. I can spend 5 whole minutes, apparently, sniffing just one blade of grass. She “changed” my name to Will Sniff – I went on Twitter and demanded the return of my name!

I don’t do tricks, like Bobby – so demeaning for a Scottie, especially one of my grand age – I could do them if I wanted to, but I choose not to. However, I do what They call the “bunny”. This is where I sit on my back legs, lift my upper body and waggle my front paws very fast. It makes Them smile ….. and some times I get a treat!

What I do with stunning ability, is hanging around the kitchen. Under Her feet. Always behind Her. Always in the next place She wants to step into. She calls me her Kitchen Assistant, but I think She’s the Kitchen Assistant and I’m the snoopervisor!

You’ll get a hint of what I’m like as you trot your way through these pages. Enjoy!

RooOOooodles from Gus.

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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