Our First Birthdays

A little late in posting this, but that’s because of Mama making out she’s too busy. Anyway, we were 1 year old on 6th August. We had a ‘Beach Party’ and a ‘Garden Party’ and our three other brothers (and their peeps) all came too.

In the first photo  titled “All on the Prom” we thought we’d let you know who is who. So from Left to right …..

Hilary (owner of Hamish) standing with Patch (Bear’s daddy) holding Bear’s lead; Kelly (Bear’s mama) holding Tayler and Sparta; Maggie holding onto Bertie and finally Sophie (friend of Hilary) holding the leash of Hamish. Formalities over and done with so here’s just a few of the gazillion photos Mama took of our very special day …


“Rabbit” we heard Mama shout. Oh boy, that made us happy. So we got more and more excited. We thought we were going to see some rabbits! We thought we were going to see our friend “Speedy the cheeky house bunny”. Unfortunately for us, Mama had shouted “rabid”. She’s such a bore! We’re now being ‘tortured’ (although she says ‘tutored’) each day, with obedience lessons. How undignified!rabid