Never far away

AgiAgi is never far away from Mama’s thoughts.  Fourteen years ago her very first scottie, Agi (Martimm Agnes of Sparhawk) was taken from her. Mama never really got to say goodbye (other than a loving hug that morning) as she hoped to collect Agi from the vets later that day, after an operation.

Sadly, the problem with Agi’s liver was so severe that the vet phoned Mama to tell her the bad news ……..

Agi was collected later that same afternoon and buried in our front garden, in the spot she most preferred.

We never knew Agi, but we are so very grateful to her for being just the right type of scottie that made Mama want to live with them for the rest of her life. If it wasn’t for Agi, there would be no ‘us’.

So, we shall spend our day in quiet contemplation thinking about Agi and all the scotties that have gone before us, those that have been physically close to us, and those, like you, our good friends who we have only known through our blog.


Flashback Fridays

It’s Friday and that means it’s another snap from our Flashback Fridays series. Oh my, I’ve heard of Happy Feet, but really Mama, these are Stinky Feet! I feel faint, so I’ll have a wee nap, despite the stink!tayler-in-slipper

Scotland versus Scotland

Another delightful puppy post from late last year to celebrate St Andrew’s Day today with ‘Scotland versus Scotland’. Sadly it looks like it’s ‘Team Wheaten’ against the traditional ‘Team All Blacks’, with Mama doling out the punishment! But we’re sure the best team won! PS: no wheaten puppies were harmed in the making of this video!!!