Saturday Night at the Movies …

Sparhawk Scotties having fun on the beach at Mablethorpe ….


Photo Funday

Now we’re sure this will make you all laugh out loud. Mama was watching Kevin Kostner in “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” the other night. No, that’s not the funny bit, these photos are the funny bits. Well Robin Hood lands in England at Dover with Asseem played by Morgan Freeman. See Map of England. Dover is right at the bottom of the map. Robin Hoods invites Asseem to dine  with him and his father in Nottingham later that same night. OK, Understand that bit. Then the next scene we see Robin Hood and Asseem, walking along a wall towards this tree – second photo. But take a look at the third photo – our very own photo taken circa 2009 – this tree and this wall are in Northumberland – the wall is Hadrian’s Wall. Somehow I think they took a wrong turn. LOL !!!!

Map of UK. Dover bottom right, Nottingham in the middle, and “The Tree” located towards top of map at Hadrians Wall

Photo of “The Tree” take off the tv

Our very own photo taken in 2009 at Hadrians Wall (c)Scarlett-Hornby Photography