Memories …

Memories of a cherished and still very much loved Scottie. Twenty-Eight years ago, this very day, a scottie pup joined my household and changed my life in ways I never knew would happen. Martimm Agnes of Sparhawk, known to friends and family as Agi, she has left a wonderful legacy of my enduring love for this fantastic breed. She now resides in my heart as she crossed the rainbow bridge in 2003. Photos of her are scattered all around my house and of course here on our blog : to which I must thank my current 5 scotties for allowing me computer time to write this post. Thank you Agi, for being you.

It’s Christmas!

Oops, been absent for a while. Mama has been ignoring our demands to get on the computer, but we’ve wrangled her to the ground and crated her for being stubborn. Here’s our Christmas card to you. That us five pulling someone who looks eerily like Mama and if she didn’t keep shaving her beard off, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference !!!

Merry Christmas everybody, hope everything is Merry and Bright in your households.