Clan Gathering

Sparhawk Clan Gathering. The Magnificent 7. Seven Deadly Scotties. 7th Heaven ….. whatever! This is the Sparhawk clan. Fabi and her 4 ‘babies’ (Tayler, Sparta, Bear and Alba) plus Bella who lives with Bear and Broch who is part of the Sparhawk Clan. What a hoot!



It’s Scotifyday –  we’re introducing our new website where we display our scottie-based art. We’d like folks to buy some of it, but it’s no problem if all you do is look. We just like making ‘stuff’ especially if there’s scotties all over it. Anyway, here’s Alba in the process of making ‘stuff’ …..

Bobby …

Bobby, cannot believe it’s only 3 years ago ….. seems like yesterday and forever ago that he was here. Miss you sweetheart.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
Thomas Campbell, 2nd July 1777 – 15 June 1844, Scottish Poet,
Poem : Hallowed Ground

Bobby at Jedburgh, Scotland, 22nd September 2013