Have we been busy or what!

You know that we love Mama – a lot! But oh boy, this is beginning to take over our lives. We have 5 rescue scotties come live with us this last 5 months. We hope two boys are heading up to Scotland this weekend. We have two cantankerous old scotties (they’re funny really) and an old lady scottie who just sleeps, then screams the house down when she’s hungry (that definitely sounds like Mama). We are so well behaved that we sit and watch Mama running around trying to keep all the scotties happy. Here’s a few photos of our lodgers ……

5 thoughts on “Have we been busy or what!

  1. Oh if we lived across the pond we would take two boys. What happened to Dougal’s ears? To many ear infections without treatment? We hardly ever have rescue Scotties in our part of the world in Ohio.
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. Oh, if only we all lived closer to each other. Vet thinks Dougal’s ear problem could be due to Cartledge failure – he’s 16 years old. Mama has to clap her hands so that he can focus on her. But there’s nothing wrong with his bark – oh boy! he barks like a Sea Lion lol!


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