29 March 2001 saw the birth of 4 beautiful puppies to Kelpie. One of these puppies was Angus ….

Today with a heavy heart I bring the saddest of news …. yesterday evening Angus was helped to cross the rainbow bridge, his Dad holding onto him till the end. 

Angus was 9 days short of his 16th birthday. 

His dad is overwhelmed with grief, they did everything together. Angus was never left alone, his family was always by his side, now they travel the road alone, without Angus trotting alongside. 

Seldom are we blessed with long-lived scotties. Gareth, Angus’ dad provided a wonderful lifestyle for his boy – I am so very proud that I was able to match these two together.

Rest in peace Angus, you will always be remembered. 

Angus, 29th March 2001 – 20th March 2017

E is for …

E is for … Well and “ear-less” Sparta, a gathering on the “East Coast Beach”, us lot “Eating”, or hovering around our proper mama in the hope that she’ll leave a morsel, and “Enormous” green??? Scottie Dog, “Entertaining” everyone at our 1st birthday party, and an “Extremely” wet Tayler.