It’s the Yawn of a New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy Yappy New Year. Let’s hope that we are all able to have a really good year without too many health worries. But, before we start thinking ahead, let’s all just remember our friends that are now living ‘over the rainbow’ in that beautiful garden ……..

Yawny boy

14 thoughts on “It’s the Yawn of a New Year

  1. I am with you and Kismet. Our dilemma is that we would be afraid of making an error of omission and offending someone’s hoomans inadvertently. Which would make us even more morose. It is sad enough to do a rough accounting of those who have transitioned. Our great comfort is our belief we will all be together again.

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  2. Sorry we are way late on this, but our Mum was not on the computer over the howlidays and she is just now getting to savor all of your posts! On the late side, but we want to wish you a belated “Happy Yawning of a New Year”, and we hope 2016 will be way better and safer for everyone worldwide!
    Your picture is so cute!
    Lots of LOVE,
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl and Mum


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