G is for ….

G is for …… “Grooming” (a nasty past time Mama has !!!) “Greetings” (we like writing notes in the sand) “Glittery” scotties (Mama’s creations) and a ‘gathering” of sheep (yes we know it’s a flock, but it’s our blog and we’ll call ‘em what we like).


E is for …

E is for … Well and “ear-less” Sparta, a gathering on the “East Coast Beach”, us lot “Eating”, or hovering around our proper mama in the hope that she’ll leave a morsel, and “Enormous” green??? Scottie Dog, “Entertaining” everyone at our 1st birthday party, and an “Extremely” wet Tayler.

D is for …

Dogs of course! plus mama’s other favourite pastime beginning with D ….. lol!!!! We won’t list the ‘D’rinks, but here’s a list of all Mama’s scotties in chronological order :

1. Agi (1991)  2. Rosie (1996)  3. Izzy (1997)  4. Kelpie (1999)  5. Bobby (2003)  6. Finlay (2003)  7. Gus (1999)  8. Fabi (2013)  9. Tayler (2015)  10. Sparta. (2015)