Friday Funnies

This is a combo post of Friday Funnies and Flashback Fridays. Here’s Gus, Bobby and Finlay from waaaaaay back – hope it brings a smile to your face and a good start to your weekend!


Flashback Fridays

In randomly selecting our Flashback Photos, it’s so nice to see the reappearance of Kelpie in this photo. Mama seems to think this was taken around 2001 or 2002. Sweet little Kelpie (meaning of the name is Water Horse) stranded on a rock. She probably wished she had legs the length of a horse! Don’t panic though, she was actually standing on the beach, so no need to call out the lifeboats! Too late now anyway!

Flashback Fridays

Bobby and Finlay, probably not more than 18 months old in this photo – must be dated around 2004. Here they are munching on ‘dentastix’ which are now a definite ‘no no’ in this household in 2017 – Supposed to keep teeth your teeth clean but Mama’s not so sure these days, but back then it looks like Bobby and Finlay really enjoyed them!