It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new decade …

Where did the last 10 years go! Well for some of us in the Sparhawk Household we don’t know ‘cos Mama’s only been around since 2013, and then we came along later. Anyway, it is a new Decade and our New Decade Resolution is …… to Post and Comment more! Yay! So, to start off our New Year, here’s a Flashback photo  from 2016 at the beach watching the sun rise over the North Sea. Happy New Year everybody – see you around!


Flashback Friday

What with puppies and rescue scotties, Tayler and Sparta hardly had time to celebrate their birthday, but better late than never. Here they are at the home of Hamish, having a great day. The cast …. in age order (not including the humans!!) Fabi, Tayler, Sparta, Hamish, Bertie, Alba, Broch and Duffy

The party was at the home of Hamish as he has an enormous paddock for the scotties to play in. Here’s just some of the photos ….