When Duffy met Duffy

In the little bit of spare time Mama has she’s been making these lovely little ‘amigurumi’ scottie dogs. Whilst looking for some wool she came across a wool that was called “Duffy”, so of course she had to buy it. She then made up a little scottie dog in this wool and yesterday she introduced them to each other. Well it was a riot. Mama had to stop the recording before woolly Duffy got shredded.

Tayler The Wheaten Scottie

BREAKING NEWS: ……. please see new post – I’ve fixed the video clip. Apparently you could only see it if you had a Facebook account – stoopid Mama – so, for those of you who couldn’t see it, there’s a new post called ‘Wheaten Wednesday’ – thanks for your patience!

I’ve been given my own user-name – Fantastic! The two Mama’s decided that we could all share in our Sparhawk bloggie – so here’s my first post. Sorry about the quality of the video, or even if you can access it. No doubt you’ll all let me know?

Arroooo-ing Scottie

We’ve had a long weekend here in the UK. A national Bank Holiday yesterday, Monday. So we’re out of sorts as we’ve lost a day. So, we’ve pawed our way through our earlier postings and thought we’d share this with you (again).

Here’s a clip of Izzy, (our mother) playing with Bobby & Me. Izzy is the one doing the arooo-ing. She kept that treasure of a skill all to herself, never shared it with any of us! Watch out for Gus making a last minute entrance to see what all the commotion is about.  (Izzy has since crossed the rainbow bridge, in 2009 and is still sadly missed …. by all of us)