Bobby …

Bobby, cannot believe it’s only 3 years ago ….. seems like yesterday and forever ago that he was here. Miss you sweetheart.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
Thomas Campbell, 2nd July 1777 – 15 June 1844, Scottish Poet,
Poem : Hallowed Ground

Bobby at Jedburgh, Scotland, 22nd September 2013

Sparta’s puppies

As promised yesterday, here’s just a small selection of photos of Sparta’s babies : in order of birth ‘Alfie’, ‘Evie’, Jenny’, ‘Dottie’ and ‘Connor’. We have ‘empty nest syndrome’ now !


We’re back!

Staff Update: We’re back. We have the wonderful excuse of two litter of scottie puppies joining the Sparhawk family during the summer and winter months. Fabi had her second litter in May and Sparta had her first litter in December, making Fabi a grandmother!

We also welcomed the arrival of Broch in August 2017 into our family as a delightful and beautiful exchange with Denver. He’s just two weeks younger than Alba, and will hopefully become a father to future Sparhawk puppies – as will Denver with his new family of scottie girls!

The last 11 months have been truly manic, and we’ve only just slowed down for a little breather before it all starts again.

We won’t bore you with all the photos today, we’ll do that over the next few days! So for now, here’s a gallery of photos from Fabi’s second litter, dated 21st May 2017. Enjoy this little photo array of puppy-ness and watch out for tomorrows photos of Sparta’s babies ….