Thirsty Thursday

Well now …. for those of you of years past, you will know that Gus alway had a problem getting across the local stream’s stepping stone. So on this occasion as you can see, rather than him getting thoroughly wet, he was carried over. Not something that Gus (God Rest His Soul) would have overly worried about – it was a means to an end – and if he needed carrying … then so be it. He just shrugged it off and carried on as he he’d skipped across those pesky stones! God Love him ….. we still do!

Fat boy gus

Thirsty Thursday

Well …. this was some years back and could possibly be a contender in our “Flash Back Friday” series of photos. But as it does contain an element of liquid it really does sit more comfortably within the “Thirsty Thursday” category.

One bad and frightening thing from this photo that you don’t see, is that some parts of the beach are so “mushy” that your feet sink up to your ankles, or in the case of Mama, she sank much further! She was not happy. She was also sooooo very worried that we’d sink ourselves.

So if you are ever on the beach at Formby, looking at the architecture of Anthony Gormley figures, do be very careful, the sand is like quicksand!



Thirsty Thursday

For once you don’t see me drinking, just sitting outside a drinking establishment. The place is Chapel St Leonards, and the drinking establishment is the apparently quite famous Admiral Benbow – who? Anyway, Mama took the photo of us sitting with Dada. This is just one of the many new places we get to visit during our trips to our 2nd home at the seaside.

Admiral Benbow

Thirsty Thursday

Well, here I am. Looks like I’m rather hot and obviously thirsty. Well isn’t that funny that today happens to be Thursday and I’m thirsty!

Hope you guys are all keeping cool and drinking lots of water – but not too much otherwise the peeps will have you off to the vets!Bobby and bowl

Thirsty Thursday

This photo could quite easily belong in the Flashback Friday section, as these are Kelpie’s babies, born in March 2001.  Don’t thy look adorable. Sadly a few have crossed the ‘bridge to be with their Mama, Grand-Mama and other relations …. but we can remember them all now, with a smile rather than a tear.


Kelpies babies

Thirsty Foto Fun

funky duck pond

Mmmm ….. I think Mama needs a break – she’s been messing with us just a little too much lately. This one looks like we’ve all dunked our bottoms into tartan coloured paint = all except for Izzy, who’s head seems to have been gotten!

Still it’s all in the name of entertainment!