Scottie Birthdays

We want to be able to “Arroo” Happy Birthday to all our Scottie Fur-ends. But we need your help. We wanted to be able to allow you guys to edit the calendar below, but you need a google calendar account to do that.

So, as we would like to start adding our “anipals” and “fur-ends” birthdays to this calender, all you need to is one of the following:

  1. Send an email to with your name and the day of your birthday
  2. Use your twitter account and tweet us : @sparhawkscottie giving your name the day of your birthday
  3. Or get a google calendar account – no more difficult than signing up with all the other social network sites

Then, on the day of your birthday we’ll post a little message on our blog!

We hope you are willing to join in ….

Please bark at us if this doesn’t work.

If you have a google calender account: Click here to add a Scottie Birthday

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