New Arrival!

Mama’s got a new “baby” …….

fooled ya didn’t I.

This was one of the birthday gifts she received yesterday. Happy Birthday Mama – hope you have plenty more ….. birthday’s that is as you’ve got plenty of “new arrivals”!

Flashback Friday

Today is ……

My Birthday. “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Me, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee”

Yay!!!! I’m 11 years old today, so I’m combining a “Today is ….. “ with a Flashback Friday – all about meeeeeee! Here’s 11 years worth of me – hope ya’ll sitting comfy-like! I won’t bore you with ‘captions’ for these photos – I’m in every single one, and it’s quite obvious what I’m doing. Enjoy. Yap! Yap!