Gus, always remembered

Gus …. another year rolls by. We miss this guy sooooo much.

12th February 1999 – 4th July 2012

I could fall into those beautiful brown eyes …


Bobby …

Bobby, cannot believe it’s only 3 years ago ….. seems like yesterday and forever ago that he was here. Miss you sweetheart.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
Thomas Campbell, 2nd July 1777 – 15 June 1844, Scottish Poet,
Poem : Hallowed Ground

Bobby at Jedburgh, Scotland, 22nd September 2013

Never far away

AgiAgi is never far away from Mama’s thoughts.  Fourteen years ago her very first scottie, Agi (Martimm Agnes of Sparhawk) was taken from her. Mama never really got to say goodbye (other than a loving hug that morning) as she hoped to collect Agi from the vets later that day, after an operation.

Sadly, the problem with Agi’s liver was so severe that the vet phoned Mama to tell her the bad news ……..

Agi was collected later that same afternoon and buried in our front garden, in the spot she most preferred.

We never knew Agi, but we are so very grateful to her for being just the right type of scottie that made Mama want to live with them for the rest of her life. If it wasn’t for Agi, there would be no ‘us’.

So, we shall spend our day in quiet contemplation thinking about Agi and all the scotties that have gone before us, those that have been physically close to us, and those, like you, our good friends who we have only known through our blog.


Beautiful Bobby …..

It’s the first anniversary of Bobby’s ‘death’. I’ve been reading “There are no sad dogs in heaven” by Sonya Fitzpatrick. Yes, I still hurt from his loss, but this book, containing the most bitter/sweet memories of others who have lost their animal companions, has helped me understand that I will meet up with him again. He might even choose to come back to me, the the body of another pet,  during my own lifetime – and sometimes when I look at Tayler, I see a little bit of my Beautiful Bobby …..

Bobby 14th February 2003 – 16th June 2015

Finlay …. a memory

On a warm sunny afternoon 3 years ago, sitting the garden of the home he was born into, I said my final words to Finlay as I held him gently in my arms and his ever supportive Vet helped him cross over the Rainbow Bridge ….

Finlay, 14th February 2003 – 21st May 2013 ….. desperately missed, endlessly loved

Finlay’s goodbye video ….

I don’t think Mama managed to put this onto my blog, but here’s a video compiled by a very very dear Facebook friend, whose scottie, Ruffles,  was diagnosed with TCC at aged 7 and is still thriving and surviving today. Ruffles and her staff put together this tribute to Finlay on behalf of Mama last year and I thought I’d share it with you today, the first anniversary of his crossing the rainbow bridge. Miss you my little brother …… we certainly had some great times together!

Thank you Ruffles de Scottie and Munchkin de Scottie. We shall cherish this, and your friendship forever