Flashback Fridays

Trying to resume ‘normal service’ is a bit hit and miss at the moment, so do bear with us. For today though we are re-instating our Flashback Fridays. So here’s our baby Alba, photo taken on 31st May 2017 when she was 11 days old.


P is for …

P is for … Puppies ……. PS: Mama says normal service will soon be resumed as Angus, Emily, Walter and Denver will be settled in with their new families by the weekend – Yay. Oh, there’s only 4 leaving, oh no, we’re not keeping that pesky pup called ‘Alba’ are we ……..? Mama says “yes”!!!

Fifth Photos …

Fifth Photos is our new photographic series. Showcasing photos from our extensive collection, we shall be selecting every 5th photo from our albums of 18,000+ photos. We shall post these photos in a montage on the 5th days of each month. We shall endeavour to be true and honest in posting the 5th photos, no matter! The reason ….. well, 5 is a good number; 5 is mama’s lucky number; she has two of them appearing in her next birthday, but don’t tell anyone, this is our secret. So here goes with the first montage….