Clan Gathering

Sparhawk Clan Gathering. The Magnificent 7. Seven Deadly Scotties. 7th Heaven ….. whatever! This is the Sparhawk clan. Fabi and her 4 ‘babies’ (Tayler, Sparta, Bear and Alba) plus Bella who lives with Bear and Broch who is part of the Sparhawk Clan. What a hoot!


Flashback Fridays

In randomly selecting our Flashback Photos, it’s so nice to see the reappearance of Kelpie in this photo. Mama seems to think this was taken around 2001 or 2002. Sweet little Kelpie (meaning of the name is Water Horse) stranded on a rock. She probably wished she had legs the length of a horse! Don’t panic though, she was actually standing on the beach, so no need to call out the lifeboats! Too late now anyway!

Flashback Fridays

Awww …… Fin-Fin, very much missed, as are Bobby and Gus from the last two Flashback postings, but this is what our Flashbacks do for us, they make us remember all the happier times. This is one of those when we had the big motorhome. Fin loved sitting up front, and here he is, modelling the latest fashion in scottie headgear – think the look says it all.