New Arrival!

Mama’s got a new “baby” …….

fooled ya didn’t I.

This was one of the birthday gifts she received yesterday. Happy Birthday Mama – hope you have plenty more ….. birthday’s that is as you’ve got plenty of “new arrivals”!

Thirsty Thursday


A slightly different angle to “Thirsty Thursday” this week. Remember the post that displayed the ‘broken babies’ that me and Mama fixed? Well here’s the new babies that Dada felt he needed to buy to replace those broken babies. This time he bought four of them ‘cos he knows that Mama loves her coffee. Aren’t these cute! They’ve managed to stay in one piece throughout our journey from Scotland to Mablethorpe; they lived there for a couple of weeks, then me and Mama brought them back home to our ‘main house’ in Nottinghamshire. We’ve got quite a collection of scottie cups now, including broken ones that Mama won’t throw away.