Speedy needs our help

Our friend, Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny has been entered into World Spay Day 2013 Pet Pageant and he needs lots of votes. So pop over, please and lets see if we can help him out.

Here’s the link to the World Spay 2013 site if you want to go to it directly. There you will see Speedy’s profile.

roooodles both

New Friends

The launch of our Scampering Scotties series resulted in us being contacted by Scampering Scotties. How weird is that! Anyway, the other Scampering Scotties are scotties that make collars, leashes – not just for Scotties, but for our other 4-legged doggie friends. They also do some Tweeting – so all in all they are very clever Scotties. If you’ve not already met them, then why not jump, hop or skip across to their sites – yes sites – and check ’em out.

Source: etsy.com via Karen on Pinterest


We’ve got our eyes on some of their stuff, so if you fancy buying us anything, then we won’t say “no” to anything with a Scottie on it. Tee! Hee!