Z is for …

Z is for Zzzzzz ….. Zonked!



We’ve had to let Mama do something ‘crafty’ and of course we’ve had to let her have some of our blog in which to showcase why we’ve been absent. Anyway, new ‘babies’ have arrived. No not real babies/puppies, just crafty babies – take a look.

Now maybe we can get our own blog back!!

Flashback Fridays

Bobby and Finlay, probably not more than 18 months old in this photo – must be dated around 2004. Here they are munching on ‘dentastix’ which are now a definite ‘no no’ in this household in 2017 – Supposed to keep teeth your teeth clean but Mama’s not so sure these days, but back then it looks like Bobby and Finlay really enjoyed them!

Flashback Fridays

Well, the three amigos, the three wise scotties, the three much missed scottie brothers. Here they are, doing what they did best – sitting in the kitchen waiting for scraps to fall to the floor – which wasn’t often. Gus thought that by performing he might benefit from a treat or two, but Bobba and Fin-Fin knew that if one got a treat, then they all did!