Slave Labour

Well now. I thought there was a minimum age for juveniles to start working. Well as you can see from this photo, I guess this is not the case in the Sparhawk household. Here I am, at just 8 days old, FORCED into helping out with the weight diary. Funny, now that I’m 5 and a half months old, and worldy-wise, Mama doesn’t ask for my help anymore!


Tayler The Wheaten Scottie

BREAKING NEWS: ……. please see new post – I’ve fixed the video clip. Apparently you could only see it if you had a Facebook account – stoopid Mama – so, for those of you who couldn’t see it, there’s a new post called ‘Wheaten Wednesday’ – thanks for your patience!

I’ve been given my own user-name – Fantastic! The two Mama’s decided that we could all share in our Sparhawk bloggie – so here’s my first post. Sorry about the quality of the video, or even if you can access it. No doubt you’ll all let me know?