Thirsty Thursday

For a change I thought I’d show you a cup. It’s another new addition received as a Christmas present. It now sits with all the other ‘scottie cups’ we have – and we have loads. But there’s loads more designs out there that we haven’t got, so our scottie cup collection will always be on the increase.

Mama drinks A LOT of coffee – it seems she’s always ‘thirsty’ and as it’s her birthday today, what better way for me to thank her than letting her have her own post!

So, here’s the new ‘scottie’ to arrive in our household ….Image 2 Image 1

Thirsty Thursday

Bobby at chatsworth

This is lill ‘ole me, not much older than Fabi is now (about 5 months) on a BIG rock, have just had a tasty slurp from the River Derwent. We had just completed a fabulous walk around the Chatsworth Estate, and what better way than to end it off with the good old fashioned slurp!

Looking back at this, shows that I haven’t changed AT ALL – still slurping from the rivers wherever I go!