Our ‘own backyard’

This is us, scampering around our ‘own backyard’. Well …. poetic licence and all that, technically it’s not ‘our’ backyard, but it’s on our doorstep. Mama only needs to put on our leads, open the garden gate, walk about 10 paces and hey presto! , we’re on the bridle path to our own back yard.


Arroooo-ing Scottie

We’ve had a long weekend here in the UK. A national Bank Holiday yesterday, Monday. So we’re out of sorts as we’ve lost a day. So, we’ve pawed our way through our earlier postings and thought we’d share this with you (again).

Here’s a clip of Izzy, (our mother) playing with Bobby & Me. Izzy is the one doing the arooo-ing. She kept that treasure of a skill all to herself, never shared it with any of us! Watch out for Gus making a last minute entrance to see what all the commotion is about.  (Izzy has since crossed the rainbow bridge, in 2009 and is still sadly missed …. by all of us)