We’re Still Here!

We know we don’t blog daily, but we’ve noticed it’s been some time since our last post. So we thought we’d let you know that we’re ok! The weather here in England has been FAN-TAS-TIC and so we’ve been snoopervising Her in the garden, plus doing a lot of chilling out.

We’ll be catching up with all the latest yaps, barks & snarls when we go snooping and sniffing around your blogs later.

For now though, it’s back out to the garden before the weather changes ……. it is England after all!

3 thoughts on “We’re Still Here!

  1. I don’t post every day either. I don’t need more deadlines and the panic to get something out the door-even if I KNOW it isn’t good. I’m a Scottie and I march to my own timetable. Enjoy your four hours of spring.


  2. I’m jealous of the weather… It’s winter here in Australia, chilly and damp.
    Send some of your sunshine my way!

    Woofs and waggles,



    1. Hi Dougall, very nice to meet you. We’ve just jumped across to your blog, my what a handsome chap you are. Don’t worry about the weather here in England, our summers are usually very cold, so it won’t be long before “normal weather service has resumed”. However, we’ll send you a bit of sunshine to cheer you up.

      RooOodles, Gus, Bobby & Finlay


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