Bobby nestled in the pillows

Thought we’d fill you in on Bobby’s little “health issue”.  It’s a long-ish story, so get a slurp of water and a bone to nibble on whilst you read!

A couple of Thursdays ago, he wouldn’t come out of the bedroom for his breakfast and when he eventually did, he just turned his nose up and waddled back. This is not like Bobby at all. He likes a good morning fuss and then his breakfast – well nothing of this kind was happening on that Thursday. To coax him out of the bedroom several hours later, he was offered some freshly cooked rice mixed with a fresh portion of Cod. Well. He woofed that down like he’d never been fed …. and then wandered back to the bedroom – still not quite right.

During the course of the day and throughout the weekend the Bobby we all know and love started to emerge and by Monday he was himself.

On Tuesday, I, (Finlay) had to have my Cushings Stim test, a regular 3 monthly thing we think. And as the Annual Boosters were due, it was agreed with the Vet that Bobby be brought along when the time came to collect me later that afternoon and we could both be boostered.

Four hours later (23:15) thinking that we’d all been sleeping in our usual places, She decides its bedtime but when she found Bobby he was quite lethargic and twitching. He wouldn’t move when She called him and when he did, he just plonked himself down and lay still. Dashing into the house She called the Emergency Vets and made an appointment. On the way out of the village She met Him in His car (returning from London) so They both returned, got into the one car and set off again.

The Vet gave them all sorts of frightening diagnoses, especially the information about an enlarged testicle that seemed to have a growth on it. After two hours, all three returned, Bobby having been given 2 jabs and the suggestion that he sees his own Vets in the morning.

Wednesday morning off She and Bobby go to the Vets. No one was still clear what caused the lethargy and twitching. She thought it was the booster, but the Vets neither confirmed nor denied it. Bobby’s temperature was back to normal and it was decided that once he had recovered from this “episode” he would need to have “the operation” to removed offending testicle. Bobby was quiet for most of the day – seemed like he’d been knocked back again – so She watched him like a hawk.

Thursday saw no real improvement: Bobby very slow and walking gingerly. Unfortunately by Thursday evening She noticed that his “bits” had greatly swollen up. It was decided that She would ring the Vets Friday morning and get him in for an operation – which meant no breakfast for the poor little lad.

Friday came and off they went, again, to the Vets, who agreed that his “bits” did need to be removed, sooner rather than later. Bobby was kept in and She returned home. That afternoon was dismal. We were all depressed, but by 2pm we got the phone call to say Bobby was ok and could be collected later that afternoon.

He had had …… now all you boys look away ‘cos this sounds nasty …….. a “Scrotal Ablation” . I can say it as I had the op, well not that particular procedure, in 2009 – so the talk about “boys bits” being removed now doesn’t make me squeamish and want to cross my legs!

Thankfully you can see Bobby improving minute by minute. Morning Fuss Time has been resumed, and dinner gobbled down with gusto. Bouncing around the house doing “high-fives” (one of his tricks) brings a smile to Their faces, although She tries to discourage it in case Bobby bursts his stitches.

The results from the Lab regarding the tumour on the testicle is yet to be received – but that’s for another day.

We’re all desperate to get out for a walk, but until the stitches have been removed we’re reading and re-writing our own pee-mail – really rather boring!

We’re keeping our sanity by travelling the world visiting our furiends in blogsville – without you guys there would have been “two mad dogs and an Englishwoman” to be dealt with.

11 thoughts on “Ouchy!

  1. I love you Bobby. I had my “procedure” a month ago. I feel your pain and it was a drag not being able to do my zoomies for a week. You’ll be running flat out soon!


  2. Most have the big snip when they’re young. Having the snip makes me wonder about somebody who says you should experience everything at least once in your life. Anyway, it seemed to end well.


    1. Would’ve had it done when younger, but She made me a Show Dog, and Judges check that your “bits” are there – there should be a crime against that! Thank Dog, it does seem that all is working out well.


  3. Oh man, poor Bobby. Hope he’s feeling better soon. Floyd had to have his bits removed too… They weren’t where they should be. He recovered really quickly. I hope Bobby does too.


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