Competition Time?

Happy New Year folks! Yeah …. we know we’re late, but we’ve been having a few problems here. Will tell you later though because we need to finalise the Christmas Countdown Competition.

If anyone out there is interested, all you need to do is check out all our posts for December, or alternatively this one – it combines all 31 video clips (less time consuming); then send us an email with the names of all the songs we’ve used. There’s no music accompanying the clips (copyright issue), but we’ve taken a line from either a Christmas song or carol which will help you determine the name of the song we’re looking for. There’s 31 video clips, but be careful, ‘cos we’ve been sneaky and used some songs more than once – but we still need the 31 song titles.

Send your thoughts to us separately using our email by next Monday 14th January 2013 and whoever gets the mostest right will receive a belated Secret Santa gift box from us.

So, off you go – check out our clips and get guessing.

roooodles both

2 thoughts on “Competition Time?

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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