Love a Tree Day

tree!Wanted to share with Ranger the “Love a Tree” day today.  However, no matter how much cajoling She did, there was no way we were gonna be seen near a tree. And as our bloggies are about us Scotties and other lovely breeds, we were not gonna take a picture of Her “loving a tree”.

So the next best thing we can do, is to show you this tree, which we passed today, that really needs to be “loved”. Poor thing seems to have broken a big branch after all the windy weather we’ve had – so lets all give this tree a little blogsville collective hug. Hope you don’t mind Ranger – maybe not quite what you had in mind.

14 thoughts on “Love a Tree Day

  1. Well, we got no trees in our yard, so how about we sent that tree a hug over ther air waves, in needs some tender care!


      1. Yep, but it still looks like a great place to hang out under, bet there’s things to chase under there!

        The Mad Scots


  2. Poor tree. We’ll send it a hug….from a great distance. We just like to sniff them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & roxy


    1. Thank you – It certainly needs a hug. Susie and Sidebite are sending hugs too, so maybe it’ll get fixed soon. We left some pee-mail for it, telling it we’re working on fiixing it. We’ll check it out next week – see if our hard work has helped.


    1. Trees must seem like Monsters to you Speedy, being so tiny and all. You’d love this poorly one because you could make a nest in the fallen branches and twigs. Oh, mmmmm ….. do boy bunnies make nests, or do they leave it to the girl bunnies?


    1. With all the hugs that are being sent its way, and us leaving pee-mail telling it what we’re doing, we hope that when we check on it next week, the tree will be back to normal …. won’t it?


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