Love a Tree Day

tree!Wanted to share with Ranger the “Love a Tree” day today.  However, no matter how much cajoling She did, there was no way we were gonna be seen near a tree. And as our bloggies are about us Scotties and other lovely breeds, we were not gonna take a picture of Her “loving a tree”.

So the next best thing we can do, is to show you this tree, which we passed today, that really needs to be “loved”. Poor thing seems to have broken a big branch after all the windy weather we’ve had – so lets all give this tree a little blogsville collective hug. Hope you don’t mind Ranger – maybe not quite what you had in mind.


14 thoughts on “Love a Tree Day

  1. Well, we got no trees in our yard, so how about we sent that tree a hug over ther air waves, in needs some tender care!


    • Thank you – It certainly needs a hug. Susie and Sidebite are sending hugs too, so maybe it’ll get fixed soon. We left some pee-mail for it, telling it we’re working on fiixing it. We’ll check it out next week – see if our hard work has helped.


    • Trees must seem like Monsters to you Speedy, being so tiny and all. You’d love this poorly one because you could make a nest in the fallen branches and twigs. Oh, mmmmm ….. do boy bunnies make nests, or do they leave it to the girl bunnies?


    • With all the hugs that are being sent its way, and us leaving pee-mail telling it what we’re doing, we hope that when we check on it next week, the tree will be back to normal …. won’t it?


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