Scottie Health Awareness Day

Mama’s more serious bloggy “Scottish Terrier Health Network” voted on and decided to have a Scottie Health Awareness Day. This is taking place on Thursday 11th July 2013. It’s a day to contemplate the seriously declining health of us Scotties and to think of ways to “Make A Difference” to our overall well-being. It should also a day of celebration – we don’t want all doom and gloom now do we!

P1060685I’ve picked out the official tartan ribbon – it’s called Pride of Bannockburn – this is linked to the chosen date of 11th July being the birthday of Robert the Bruce (1274) and the fact that he defeated the English at Bannockburn in 1314 which helped Scotland see it’s way to independence (for a while). I’ve been wearing my ribbon with pride even though Dada think’s it’s silly ‘cos I’m a boy and not a girl!

Anyway, if you could spare a moment during 11th July to think about Scotties then that would be great. And even better perhaps you could send Mama a photo of you doing this thinking so she can post it on the serious bloggy.

This is the first year for the Scottie Health Awareness Day and as we’re scattered all around the world it might be great to see what we all do on what hopefully will become a special day for Scotties. This year though, it might well be a wash-out …. just like our English summer is likely to be.

Anyway, as Lao Tzu said “This journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet” or the more modern version “….. begins with a single step” – this is Mama’s starting point. She knows the road will be long and difficult, but She’s willing to do it.

Send your photos to – they’ll be displayed on that bloggy!

8 thoughts on “Scottie Health Awareness Day

  1. Hummm, thats are we think about here, see if we can find the the tatan ribbon here and join in even if we can’t find it!

    The Mad Scots and Trainee


  2. What a great day for your breed Bobby and I loved the story behind your ribbon…The tartans all have such interesting histories …nothing like that here int he US


  3. I cannot find your e-mail to send you my picture.
    Blogger does not have the e-mail to access like Word Press does.
    If you let me know your e-mail ~ I will send Will’s picture.
    Sweet William The Scot


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