20 thoughts on “….. Dazzler

  1. I wish I had eyelashes like that. They keep hacking them off. For some reason, every groomer feels compelled to do it even though they’re told-don’t touch the beard or brows. They’re nothing but common poodle clippers.


    1. I’ll send you some of mine, a girl needs long eyelashes, not that your not cute enough as it is …. better stop there ‘cos I feel I’m digging myself a hole (by the way sorry for the delay in replying, Mama’s been trying to catch up with washing clothes & stuff after our two week holiday in Scotland)


    1. Could really do with IT being cool – it’s soooooo hot here I’m unable to take Mama out as she starts to wilt after the first step! Hope to call by tomorrow to check you girls out – I’ve been away on holiday to Scotland for 2 weeks! Got some good photos I need to post soon!


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