November is National Novel Writing Month and we have been asked by Rocco to participate in a round robin story. We are really excited about this. So to bring you all up to date with the story so far, here’s where you can catch up, then read my bit. Can’t wait to see what happens in the end!

Rocco – part one

Bongo – part two

Haley & Zaphod – part three

Easy Rider – part four

My Rotten Dogs – part five

Sophie Doodle – part six

Haiku by Ku – part seven

Oh My Shih Tzu – part eight

And our chapter is …

No …. the smell actually smells like Mama’s “Meat Lovers Biscuits” she makes for me every couple of weeks – she doesn’t like buying kibble, but prefers to bake my biscuits herself …. Anyway less of that, what are those humans doing here?

I creep stealthily into the cabin on my 4inch legs – lucklily no one is interested in looking at the floor so I seem to be able to continue unnoticed – thank goodness for that – so I manage to get to the back door and escape into the night. My master most certainly was not amongst those humans having their fun in that cabin. Or was that fun … I’m so not sure ….

Oh boy …. so if he wasn’t there where oh where was he. Was I distracted by the smell of cooking? Or was his smell mingled within that delicious smell of baking in order to put me off my trail. I’m better than that. I can feel he was here … but not anymore.

Oh shall not be deterred. Help is needed. The snow is still falling and I’m surrounded by the forest. In this environment I am more at peace. No squealing, stomping or shouting humans in cabins that make me jump …. just the peace of a forest at midnight with snowflakes fluttering around me. 

I stride forward. Confident that my posture will put off anyone trying to stop me find my master. Into the mist I tread. Into the snow covered countryside. Into the dark. Into the cold. Into to ….. Oh boy! what on earth is that emerging from the woods ……


The next chapter can be found at Critter Alley

14 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo!

  1. I was smelling “Meat Lovers Biscuits”, I know I was ~~~ so easily distracted we doggies can be. Humans seem to think they are having fun but really they haven’t got a clue as to how to have a good time!
    Oh no off into the cold and snow ~~~ this is just to scary for me!
    Dad you’ll have to read this to me tomorrow, I can’t see under the blankets w/o a flashlight!

    Sophie *scared to death* Doodle here!!


  2. Another exciting chapter to the story and I can’t wait to see what happens next. This is so much fun, but it’s hard to have to wait a whole day to read the next part of the story.


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