Bag a gift on Day 11

My! oh my! Now if money was as abundant as dog biscuits are in our house then I’d definitely buy Mama one of these. However, being a typical scots boy not only will I keep my money to myself, but I’ll keep hold of my precious stash of biscuits as well.

Anyway, for those of you who, like my Mama, absolutely love hand bags, then hopefully just looking at this bag from Dooney & Bourke over at “Its A Girl Thing”, will sort you out!

dooney bourke

Tomorrow is the Last Day of my Great Christmas Expectations List. From Friday 13th I’ll be doing my Christmas Special ……


11 thoughts on “Bag a gift on Day 11

  1. Oh My Doggieeeeeeeeeeee, you are driving Mom Nuts, she keeps writing done all these sights and has an after Christmas list!

    The Mad Scots


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