14 thoughts on “One Word Wednesday – Teeths!

  1. Oh dear, that doesn’t look good as they are nolonger attached to the gums !
    (and if they are extractions, don’t forget the tooth fairy !)


    1. We’re keeping quite on the tooth fairy front – she’s cost Mama enough money already! Mama too was surprised to find these – the two molars Fabi was chewing on were making a right noise that Mama had to investigate … and found Fabi flinging them up in the air. They’ll now go in a safe place for posterity!


    1. We’re most definitely NOT mentioning the tooth fairy! We’re all sooooo very pleased that the last upper canine has removed itself from her mouth – after biting Mama’s brother who visited this afternoon!. Hopefully the biting will be less painful for those willing to indulge a 5 month old scottie!


    1. There will be no tooth fairy. This is MY blog and Fabi will hear NOTHING about tooth fairies. She can suck on the carrots and broccoli she gets fed …. hopefully she’ll be too preoccupied to bother me with all that infernal B.I.T.I.N.G.

      Anyway, we’re of an age …. did you get anything when you lost your teeth ….?


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