Kyla – in memoriam

In memory of one of our dearest blog friends, we have chosen “lovebirds” to be our theme for 2015. I know Kyla wasn’t quite the ‘lovebird’ and Kismet will definitely refute the fact the she is of the lovebird genus, but we’ve trawled the wordpress site and this is the only suitable offering we came up with – sorry Kyla, I’ll make it up to you when we meet in that beautiful rainbow garden.

But folks! For now, please accept our offering. We always loved you, despite the fact that Stuart got in first, but you’ll alway share a part of my heart.

RooOooodles Bobby.


12 thoughts on “Kyla – in memoriam

    1. We still cannot believe that she’s left us for that Garden across the Rainbow Bridge – so it must be much worst for you guys. Thinking of you all, daily. RooOooodles, Bobby xxxxx (PS, not sure Kyla would approve of the kisses!)


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