Where’s Santa?

Christmas BobbyWhere’s Santa? What! It’s nearly that time already? It’s taken a while to decide what to do with our bloggy, but I have finally decided that I want to carry on blogging. Mama says I’m old enough now. Might not be mature enough as my babies are keeping me feeling young. Anyway, I couldn’t resist starting of this festive month with a fabulous photo of my wonderful ‘brother’ Bobby.

Mama has bought some new christmas clothes for us to wear for the Big Day. I’ve decided to allow her to dress us up to model them for you later, so watch this space.

Oooh, and we’ve got our Christmas theme running again!

17 thoughts on “Where’s Santa?

    1. Bobby sure did have a most fab-u-lous nose. Mama loved it so. I’m sure he’s visited you in spirit and stolen the kiss from you Princess Leah – he’s probably still a cheeky boy in the Rainbow Bridge Garden. Puppies are a pest, I know I was one once. Can’t wait for mine to grow up! However, they are such good playmates that I am really enjoying them.

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    1. Hi Kismet … it’s been a tough year and in particular the last 6 months have been dreadful, but I’ve helped Mama through them. I think she was very pleased with the present I gave her of 5 wonderful puppies in August. We’ll slowly update folks as we go along. And of course I’ll be visiting you all again. Thanks for sticking by us xx

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