21 thoughts on “What a wuss!

    1. He is a “mama’s boy” actually, so we shouldn’t be surprised there. I’ll tell him that you love his sexy manly voice! We all send hugs back to you and the handsome Mac xxxx


    1. Thank you Skyler Braveheart – thought I’d nudge that sweet sister of mine out of the way before she convinces everyone that I’m really just a wuss! I had to protect us all and that just what I did.

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  1. Such a strange contraption and who put that there. Taylor you are very observant. Pretty soon Sparta will be at the top of the ladder.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. I’m very observant – being the only ‘man about the house’ I have to protect my women-folk. However, I think Sparta might, on the odd occasion be actually better at it than me, but don’t tell her that!

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