Dirty Pup!

Right then! All you pawrents out there, or furiends with younger siblings, please help me out! How do I keep a wheaten pup clean!!!! Mama is fed up of having to give Tayler a foot and beard bath every time he plays in the front garden! She wants to know if we should put him in a onesie – Mama said that your answers, however unsuitable they may be will be gladly welcomed! PS: if we like some of the “onesie” suggestions, we might just accommodate!

19 thoughts on “Dirty Pup!

  1. AWW, keep a bucket of clean water nearby and dip him in it, dry him with a large clean towel, change the water, wash the towel, repeat. It must be a stage ( like three years old humans ) or he loves going to ground, or he needs more minerals in his diet, or you just have to put. up. with. it.
    Oh yes! you could change the entire yard to deep sand, it is easier to clean …

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    1. Mama likes the idea of the sand pit! We do have a baby bath on standby, and as we have an outside hot water tap it’s quite easy for her to dip him in nice warm water, but I think this was the 2nd time he got mucky, and well, you know what humans are like!

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  2. Kermit the frog says it is not easy being green. Well I guess it is not easy being white either. Taylor enjoys life and being a happy pup dirt goes along with that. Enjoy and learn to love dirt.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. What Mama didn’t realise until Tayler came along, was that all us black scotties look like this too, but we can get away with it. Now that He’s here, she knows we’re all dirty and so we get dipped in the half-baths as well – bad news. Good to be your friend too!

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  3. The Wheaten just shows you that your black ones are just as dirty but you do not notice them as they are black. So everyone should have the face and feet washed. As for Wheaten all you can do is just love them more. Mine Wheaten has hair that likes to attract leaves, sticks, you name it and I will find it in his fur.
    Bentley and his mom.

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    1. Spooky, that’s what we’ve just said to Sweet William. So now, we black scotties are getting regular half-baths too! We’ll let you know whether his hair grows into that which likes collecting leaves and twigs! Hope not!

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  4. Noah, whom Mama had before me, had bad skin allergies, so he had a bath every week ( and a shot for his skin). He was a former show dog, and not much of a digger or roller. Having had Josh, a black Scottie, before Noah, Mama hadn’t figured in the lighter cream color factor and the maintenance that went with it, but she got with the program, and wouldn’t hesitate to have a Wheatie again ( hoping for no skin allergy problems and no bladder cancer).


  5. Sorry, we have enough problems with black scotties. Their dirt doesn’t usually become visible until it’s on the floor or carpet! Good luck.


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