Wags and Waves for Forrest

We know that you’ve all already contributed and made your thoughts clear to Forrest’s family. We just wish to pay our respects to this great guy, who we can see was very very much loved, not only by his own family, but by blogsville itself. Run free Forrest ……..

TWO Spoiled Cats


When everyone’s pal from Down Under in Australia, Forrest Green, passed away recently at home with his family on a sunny day, we all felt lost.   Especially Forrest’s wonderful family.   We all know how awful that loss can be.   A good blogging friend, and special Australian friend of Bev Green, Forrest’s “Mom”, Miss Sharon of GENTLE STITCHES blog contacted me and my Mom and asked if we would be interested in helping out an effort to pass on a little LOVE to Forrest’s family in the form of a blogosphere tribute to Forrest………her idea was to have everyone post a photo of themselves “wagging or waving” to Angel Forrest over the Bridge………..We jumped on the idea and have tried to help spread the word with other pet bloggers and friends of ALL FUR ONE AND ONE FUR ALL.    Also my Mom designed the above “badge” so that those who…

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5 thoughts on “Wags and Waves for Forrest

  1. What a lovely tribute and thankyou so very much sweeties..we are humbled by the outpouring of love and i guess as we all have travelled this sad road we all feel kindred pain..your Arooooo’s are heartwarming here..loves Fozziemum xx

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