Finlay …. a memory

On a warm sunny afternoon 3 years ago, sitting the garden of the home he was born into, I said my final words to Finlay as I held him gently in my arms and his ever supportive Vet helped him cross over the Rainbow Bridge ….

Finlay, 14th February 2003 – 21st May 2013 ….. desperately missed, endlessly loved

7 thoughts on “Finlay …. a memory

  1. These anniversaries are so bittersweet! You miss them so much, but the sweetness of the relationship never leaves us. Thank goodness for these sweet pictures of Sweet Finlay’s ways! I’m not sure which is my favorite . . . Findlay in the mix, when we were 5, bad hair day, I think ever one is my favorite! Much love to you! 💙

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  2. Was Finley drinking beer? Imbibing of the spirits so to say. Those four were quite the gang of Scots. The anniversaries are so hard.
    Sweet William The Scot


  3. Beautiful memories and tribute to sweet Finlay! It is so terribly sad to lose a beloved companion! I am certain we will meet them again in Heaven where we will always be happy together! We all have one or more waiting for us at the “Bridge”.
    Love and kind thoughts to you!
    Riley-Puppy’s and Tessie-Girl’s mum

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