4 thoughts on “Foto Funday

    1. Probably “Help!” somebody please buy me, I need to leave this mad house. Happily ‘Hunter’ has a very happy home, in Lincolnshire, with an artist who absolutely adores scottie dogs, and in his spare time paints “whimsical” scottie dogs. yay!!!

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  1. He is stretching them there bones for he is a growing lad. His owner is an artist how interesting, we would like to see his whimsical scotties.
    Sweet William The Scot

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  2. I thought maybe he was yawning! What a baby toothless yawn from Hunter!!! OMD!!!! I am swooning! I am a hopelessly crazy Scottie mum! I have 2 Scotties and one Westie-Cairn mix and I want ALLLLL da Scotties! Help! I need to go to Scotties Anonymous!!!
    I would love to see the Scottie drawings!!!
    Thank you for the darling picture!
    Love and wags from my 3 loves!

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