It’s NOT fair … is it?

Mama said I’ve GOT TO start included Fabi in my postings, and to sometimes let her “speak”. Apparently Mama hasn’t got the time to continue developing Fabi’s own bloggie, so she MUST share mine. This is so not fair.

So, the picture below will eventually be our new gravatar/avatar thingy, and I’ll find a nice picture of her as well, eventually. In fact, it might end up being to my advantage as I can take a back seat role and just enjoy watching her do some of the work!

both of us


News Flash …… interrupting my chain of “posts” Mama has made me publish this. A picture. Not of me. But of Her. Fabianne. Now don’t go all gooey eyed – she’s only a pup, and a girl pup at that – what’s the world coming to. Anyway, I’ve been a good boy and for once done as I was told asked. She’s got her own blog, but only so Mama can chart her initial progress.

I’ve already been told asked to include her in my blog and I’ve reluctantly happily agreed to do so – so there – here she is ….