Aroo, roo, roo!

We finally got out for a walk today! Well, She did take us out on Friday (1st time for 6 days), but She’s been very poorly for the last couple of weeks. So we should be grateful that She felt better today and took us out. We’re also very scruffy – for the same reason (Her being poorly), but now She’s getting better we think we’re in for some grooming torture!

We also helped with a bit of gardening. We’re very good at snoopervising. With our help, we made sure She put all the plants in the right place. Then the heavens opened so we went inside, but She stayed out! How silly, we hope she won’t be poorly again tomorrow.

Will get some photos of our hard work & post them shortly.

Merry Monday!

Well Hello! We’re back. Been camping for 5 days. Been back a lot longer. But you know how messy camping can be …… there’s sooooo much tidying up to do. Lady Doris to clean and the house ….. still gets messy even when we’re not around. We’re such domesticated Scottie boys here. But we’re back. Missed you guys.

Here’s a photo of  us in Their bed!

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it! A picture of me (Bobby), done by Her Facebook Friend Scott Dearge for Her Birthday last week. Well! I’ve stolen it and put it in my blog. It’s me. I can do this. I am a Scottie. Scotties can do these things. I’m sure you’ve all seen it anyway, but you’re gonna see it again! It’s how we Scotties work.

Happy Monday to you all. RooOOoodles!

Don't I look the biz!

Merry Monday!

We’re starting the week with some fun. Check this youtube clip of Uggie, the doggie star of “The Artist”. It made us howl with laughter! She’s now going to try to teach me, Bobby, how to do the “bowing” thing. Fat chance, I mean bring it on. She knows how much I like to learn stuff.

Anyway Merry Monday! Enjoy!

Oh! PS: It’s Her 50th birthday today! Yappy Birthday Mama! Roo Roo Roo

Merry on Mondays?

by Bobby, aged 9 & ¾

Well I’m not. No. Not me. I got told off on Friday ‘cos I chased several lady deers into a field and wouldn’t come back when called. Don’t know why She was worried – have you seen the length of their legs. I never stood a chance of catching them. What did she think I was gonna do! Bring home venison for tea!

Anyway, got put on lead when I finally decided to return, and have sulked all weekend. And Monday.That’s why no blog from me. But now I’m ok. Thanks for asking.

Have a Merry Monday, although it’s Wednesday, who’s counting – not me! Think I’m still sulking.