Aroo, roo, roo!

We finally got out for a walk today! Well, She did take us out on Friday (1st time for 6 days), but She’s been very poorly for the last couple of weeks. So we should be grateful that She felt better today and took us out. We’re also very scruffy – for the same reason (Her being poorly), but now She’s getting better we think we’re in for some grooming torture!

We also helped with a bit of gardening. We’re very good at snoopervising. With our help, we made sure She put all the plants in the right place. Then the heavens opened so we went inside, but She stayed out! How silly, we hope she won’t be poorly again tomorrow.

Will get some photos of our hard work & post them shortly.

3 thoughts on “Aroo, roo, roo!

  1. Not getting walks is the PITS! We missed out yesterday morning because of the rain. SHE says it’s in our contract that there are no walks in the rain. (I don’t even remember signing that contract).

    Hope your mum is feeling much better soon–though staying out in the rain isn’t good.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    PeeS. Everytime SHE sees a picture of Gus, SHE’s reminded of Kendra. They look sooooo much alike.


  2. We DID take care of Her, girls, really we did. Honestly. Gus did the bedSIDE vigil bit, whilst me & Fin sat ON the bed (sometimes IN the bed) watching her every move ……. in the hope She’d get up & take us out – no seriously – in the hope She’d feel much better. She’s well on the mend now, so its business (as nearly) usual.

    Roo! Roo!


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