More is …… Less!

Reservoir dogs in the summer

We changed! I know, you’ve probably already noticed. We thought we were getting a little “cluttered” with too many places to visit. Can be a bit distracting.

So …… More is Less – just like us Scotties. We’re “less” of a dog if you consider size as a primary factor, but we’re certainly “more” when it comes to character, tenacity and of course ….. teeth! (and if you add Gus and Kyla to this equation, then there’s appetite as well!).

We think we like the new style. Its simple and clean – something not very like us Sparhawk Scotties at all. Simple – oh no, we’re far too complex to be analysed. And clean? Good heavens, the merest thought of being clean appalls us. Unfortunately She doesn’t hold with this last sentiment. She makes sure we’re clean all most of the time.

OK folks, its been a blogging good week and the weekend fast approaches. Hope y’all have a great one and we’ll blog together next week.


3 thoughts on “More is …… Less!

  1. We like the new look. Sometimes we got lost on the old blog and missed bits.

    You have a great weekend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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