Happy Hallowe’en

Been so busy lately, travelling between Nottingham and Mablethorpe that I don’t know my “head” from my “tail”, never mind which house I’m actually in. So I’ve cheated this year with my pumpkin and done the same “face” as last year. Although Dada said it this one is much better than the last one.

So, Happy Hallowe’en. Don’t eat too many “treats”. I’m rather boring in my old age and lock the gate so that no one can get in! But all you youngsters out there – enjoy!!!!!!!


We’re back!!!

Sorry we’ve not been visiting much – me and Mama have been on a 3 week holiday! We’re back now and once we’ve got all the washing done, we’re gonna “pop round” and see you all.

Here’s a photo of me and my shadow at Mablethorpe, on the beach in the beautiful sunshine last Friday!

Catch up with you all later!

Me and my shadow